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Terms and Conditions

HIRE PRICE – The hire price is guaranteed to remain the same as quoted at the time of reservation provided no alterations have been made to the itinerary after the reservation’s finalisation. Any alterations made to the journey itinerary subsequent to the reservation will be charged accordingly.

CANCELLATIONS – There is no cancellation charge provided we are notified in sufficient time, i.e. before the driver begins his journey. Please note that a call out charge must be paid if the client fails to arrive at his/her collection point after the driver has turned up.

AIRPORT TRANSFERS – NON ARRIVAL – If, following a reservation, the client fails to arrive on the flight detailed at the time of reservation, then the driver shall wait for a maximum of 1.5 hours starting from the flight’s landing time. Please note that a surcharge will be incurred for the additional waiting time. This will be charged at our basic hourly rate of the current tariff. If after this time the client fails to arrive, NO REFUND will be issued.

DELAYS – MiCabi Airport Taxi will monitor the flight progress based on information available. The driver shall amend his arrival time accordingly. To ensure that a vehicle is available for any late arrivals, please inform our office as soon as you are aware of any delay to your arrival time.

INSURANCE – The vehicles/ drivers of MiCabi Airport Taxi are fully insured which includes Public Liability Insurance.

ROUTE – The route taken is at the driver’s discretion. The driver will take the best possible route and in the event of heavy traffic congestion, s/he will amend the route if necessary and endeavour to deliver passengers to their destination on time. MiCabi Airport Taxi does not accept responsibility for any delays or missed appointments/ travel arrangements. Always allow plenty of time for your journey.

SPEED – The driver will always drive at a reasonable speed.

SMOKING – MiCabi Airport Taxi operates a strict NO SMOKING policy in all its vehicles.

ALCOHOL & FOOD – The consumption of food and alcohol is forbidden in all vehicles used by MiCabi Airport Taxi.

CHILDREN – MiCabi Airport Taxi CAN provide child seats for its vehicle subject to availability. If a child seat is required/provided the parent/carer of the child must fit it properly and securely. The parent/ carer is responsible for the safety of the child at all times.

COMPLAINTS – If for any reason you are unhappy with an aspect of your journey or a member of our staff, please make your comments known to the driver at the time of the incident. You will also be required to put your complaint in writing and send it to our Head office: MiCabi Airport Taxi, 101 Walton Road WOKING SURREY, GU21 5DW, detailing the date and time of the complaint, the driver’s details, and the nature of your complaint. MiCabi Airport Taxi will endeavour to rectify these matters immediately, but may take further action if necessary.

WAITING TIME – The first 15 minutes of waiting time (45 minutes for airport transfers) is included in the hire price. Thereafter, waiting time will be charged at our basic hourly rate based on our current tariff at the time of journey.

DISORDERLY BEHAVIOUR – MiCabi Airport Taxi reserves the right to refuse travel to any person deemed to be a nuisance or danger to its passengers or employees. If necessary, MiCabi Airport Taxi may request the police to assist in removing any offenders from its vehicles. In these circumstances, NO REFUND will be issued and NO COMPENSATION will be paid.

ILLEGAL MATERIAL – The carrying or use of any illegal drugs or weapons in MiCabi Airport Taxi vehicles is forbidden.

RESPONSIBILITY – MiCabi Airport Taxi DOES NOT accept responsibility for the following: delays due to adverse weather conditions; theft or damage of any item belonging to any of the passengers travelling in our vehicles unless caused by a member of our staff; delays caused by road traffic accidents; other traffic conditions or acts of God; any passenger leaving possessions or items in the vehicle do so at their own risk.

VEHICLES – MiCabi Airport Taxi  aims to provide its clients with the vehicle group booked all times. However, MiCabi Airport Taxi reserves the right to provide a similar vehicle if such vehicles are not available.

BANK HOLIDAYS, PUBLIC HOLIDAYS & UNSOCIAL HOURS – Excess charges will be incurred for any journey made on a public, bank holiday or during unsocial hours (2345 – 0600). If the date of travel falls on one of these dates, please make this is made known to our staff whilst making the reservation; the tariff will then be amended accordingly.

COSTS – Any costs incurred on the journey (including parking and toll costs) will be charged at cost. If parking tickets are issued to our drivers/ vehicles as a result of passenger instructions, then the client named on the contract will incur additional costs to cover these.

LUGGAGE – All luggage is to be placed in the luggage compartment provided. The driver must agree to any item the client wishes to take into the vehicle with them.

DOORS – Our staff will be responsible for opening doors of vehicles when safe to do so. No doors will be opened until the vehicle has come to a complete halt.

DAMAGE – If any of our vehicles is damaged or soiled as a result of passengers’ actions, MiCabi Airport Taxi will charge the client named on the contract for the full amount to rectify the vehicle and for time lost whilst the vehicle was taken out of the fleet.

GRATUITIES – Gratuities are at the client’s discretion and are not included in the price. If the client wishes to make a gratuity payment, s/he may request this be charged at their discretion.

ACCOUNT FACILITIES – All accounts will be invoiced on the first day end of each month and, unless otherwise agreed, must be settled within 30 days of the invoice date. Failure to comply with these payment terms may result in additional fees being incurred and may also result in instigating additional fees in line with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998. By lodging a valid Credit Card with MiCabi Airport Taxi, you give authority for your card to be debited without prior notice for any outstanding invoice and/ or additional charges.

PAYMENTS – MiCabi Airport Taxi accepts all major credit and debit cards (including AMEX). However, a standard £2.50 fee is applied to all corporate card transactions. Payment can also be via any account facility that may be active – (See Account Facilities), by cheque, on-line transfer, BACS or CHAPS.

DAILY/ HOURLY RATES – Daily/ Hourly rates are calculated at no less than £20.00 per hour for MiCabi Airport Taxi standard service, and £30 per hour for its VIP and MPV fleet. All car parking fees and/ or congestion charge are charged separately where applicable.

MiCabi Airport Taxi wishes you a pleasant journey and thanks you for taking the time to read its conditions of hire.